Midwifery Care




Prenatal care is the cornerstone of a healthy birth. We will discuss all aspects of your health including sleep, stress, nutrition, physical activity, emotional needs and more.

You do not need a referral to start care. I can order ultrasounds, lab tests or anything you need during a normal pregnancy. Expect your appointments to last an unhurried 30 min to an hour. You can contact me 24/7 with any urgent concerns. We will schedule additional visits if you have any extra needs.

Prenatal Visit Schedule:
Initial Consultation (free of charge)

Initial Prenatal (60-90 minutes)

Every 4 weeks up to 24 weeks

Every 2 weeks from 24-36 weeks

Every week from 36 weeks-birth  


I offer continuous support through your entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. In early labor, we will be in close contact, helping to optimize baby's position and your physical condition before active labor begins. I love doulas! You may choose to hire a doula if you desire extra support. I would be happy to give you references for local doulas who support homebirth! 

When you are ready (usually in active labor) the birth team, which consists of a midwife and birth assistant(s) will join you at your desired birth location. During your labor, I am there to provide my skills and knowledge to ensure that your labor and birth are within the parameters of normal, and if not, facilitate the transfer to nearby hospital.


I will stay with you until both you and baby are stable, usually between 3-4 hours postpartum. During this time, I will provide immediate postpartum and newborn care, including a thorough newborn exam and initial breastfeeding assistance (if desired). Your birthing area will be picked up, laundry started, and you made comfortable before my departure. 




I continue to be "on call" for you 24 hours after birth in case you have any urgent needs.  Postpartum care includes physical check ups, breastfeeding guidance, metabolic screening for baby (if desired), and well baby care. 

Postpartum Visit Schedule:
24 hour (phone call)

Day 3-5 

2 weeks

4 weeks (if needed)

6 weeks

Additional visits as needed

Prenatal Care
Labor and Birth
Postpartum Care
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