Childbirth Education




This series is taught over four 2.5 hour classes or two 5 hour classes.


Subjects covered include:

Labor & Birth
Learn all about how your body works during labor and birth, the stages of labor and all the physical and emotional changes that occur. We discuss how you will feel, what you can/should be doing, and when you should go to your birth place or have your midwife come to you. Learn about how your progress is measured, timing contractions, and what to expect when the day finally comes!

Comfort Measures
An essential class whether you are planning an unmedicated birth or want to use an epidural. Learn your options for coping with labor, including relaxation techniques, helpful positions, support roles, medical pain relief options and more!

Planning For Birth
An overview of common interventions and newborn procedures that are available for you and your baby. We will discuss your options and where you can find evidence based information to make the best decisions for your family. You will have all the information necessary to write a thorough birth plan. We will also discuss some of the more common complications that can occur and how to talk with your care provider.

Life With Baby
Prepare for your new baby, understand your recovery needs

and learn the basics of breastfeeding.

More info coming soon!

Preparing for Birth Series
Evidence Based Birth Classes
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